Moon's Temple of the Divine Feminine

Assisting you in connecting with your divine feminine wisdom!

The Temple Entrance

I welcome you to the Temple

"Be patient with yourself, self growth is tender, it's holy ground. There is no greater investment than this!" ~ Steven Cory

"Lioness of Courage! A CALL to those brave souls who seek to embrace their connection to the Divine Feminine". ~Moon

*Disclaimer* Moon Priestess did not create this video.


The Divine Temple is dedicated to meeting the needs of the soul and spirit. Within this virtual reality are tools available to you that can assist you in reaching deeper levels of self awarness & guided healing.  What are these tools?  Tools such as Spiritual counsel, intuitive astrology, psychometry, crystal healing sessions are available to you. 

All sessions are pre-recorded and sent to your email so that you can embody the energies from the privacy of your own home.

High Priestess Moon has created this virtual world for each and every woman who seeks to connect with her own courage, power, pleasure and beauty. Moon encourages, guides and uplifts souls who are seeking to gain deeper authentic expression and gain practical, yet spiritually empowering insights straight from the divine masculine and feminine source! 

Come dance by the  light of the moon and allow the Mother Goddess to nurture you, within her womb you will find permission, grace and love!

Goddess of the Family of Light  & High Priestess of Daughters of the Moon